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Chief Medical Officer's Report, Supplemental, stardate unknown:
I am not going mad. I ran the test myself, and all the specs are well within normal ranges. Not even Spock could ask for a better test result. Would someone please then like to tell me how a bar ended up on bridge level? Not that a few stiff drinks couldn't do the bridge staff good some days.

This is a RP journal created for Milliways. Doctor Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy MD is the property of Paramount Pictures. This journal is used for recreation only, and no profit is made from it.
McCoy is played by [info]bodldops, who also plays [info]nitro_is_ace.
Physical and Emotional, and Canonical Description:
Doctor McCoy is the Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Enterprise, captained by one James T. Kirk. He's also the most irascible, ornery, temperamental, gentle-hearted old-time physician anyone is likely to meet in Starfleet. He's on the taller side of the normal range, with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. His southern accent is noticeable, but only becomes strong to the point of changing his diction when he's stressed. He's most often in his Starfleet blues, but he's been known to show up in something more comfortable.
Dr. McCoy sees himself as an old-time country doctor, and believes that bedside manner is just as important as medical know-how. He's intensely loyal to his friends, but will go against them if he thinks their plans are either dangerous to themselves or to others. He hates politics and wars with a passion. He loves a good whiskey, and hopes that Spock will never catch on that he has a few bottles stashed in his office for 'medicinal purposes'. He is known for charging up to the bridge and giving anyone who will listen (and quite a few who will not) a piece of his mind on any topic he damn well feels like ranting about. Oh. And don't get between him and anyone he might see as a patient unless you really want to get ripped up one side and down the other.

Interests (19):

access to the bridge, being illogical, crew's health and safety, earth, enterprise, epidemiology, georgia, giving spock grief, good bourbon, hybrids, keeping jim out of trouble, kirk's continued survival, lovesick nurses, medicine, mint juleps, starfleet, vulcan medicine, vulcans, whales

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